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Based on the Word of God

Faith Explored

Exploring how to apply God’s Word to our lives today


Faith Explored offers resources for anyone interested in exploring how to apply God’s Word to our lives today.  The website was launched by Tom Faletti to bring to a wider audience the study materials he has developed in more than 40 years of small-group Bible Study.  Tom has been a committed follower of Jesus since 1976 and a Bible Study leader for nearly 40 years.  He also devoted 24 years of his life to working for justice on Capitol Hill and taught high school for 13 years.  Faith Explored is his attempt share what he has learned and help others be all that God intends them to be.

Our Latest Posts

We enjoy developing new materials that apply God’s Word to our lives and our world.  Here is a sample of our recent work:

Bible Study Materials

Our Bible Studies provide study materials that equip small groups and individuals to study the Bible confidently and apply it to their lives in practical ways, with thought-provoking questions, background commentary where needed, and challenging reflections.

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The Topics section of our website addresses a variety of challenges that arise as we try to live the Christian life.  Each article focuses on one component of Christian living, such as joy or forgiveness or understanding God’s will, to help us understand how we can put our faith into action in that area of our lives.

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Faletti cherry tree 20200403 2_edited.jpg

God's Purposes

God’s Purposes explores what God is trying to do in our world, why He doesn’t make life easy for us, and how each of us is called to join in God’s work to transform the world in our own unique ways.

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The Justice section of the website explores God’s repeated call for justice throughout the Old and New Testaments and how we can respond to that call by working for justice in our time.  God is not willing to settle for only saving our individual lives; He also wants to transform our societies, businesses, governments, and cultures.  This section explores how we can participate in that work.

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