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The Gospel of Matthew

A copy of the Gospel of Matthew sits on a side table next to a chair, waiting to be read.

Matthew shows the universal relevance of Jesus – to all people of all nations. Jesus cared about all people and offered a gospel for all people, while demonstrating His authority over all nations.

A shelf full of Bible study books.

Bibliography of major sources used in this study of the Gospel of Matthew.

A multi-generational family poses for a picture, sitting in pews in a church.

Who is Jesus? – Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus.

A pregnant woman in a long dress walks through a dusty field.

Mary’s pregnancy, from Joseph’s perspective: What is God doing?

Three wise men or Magi, one kneeling in worship, come before the baby Jesus on Mary's lap.

Wise men come to see the newborn king – and still do today!

A person in traditional clothing with a flowing cape walks through a desert landscape.

Herod seeks to kill Jesus, which is why Jesus ends up as a refugee in Egypt, and then in Nazareth.

A river's water washes over rocks in a secluded landscape.

John the Baptist: Repentance is not comfortable but is part of our calling.

A man grasps the hand of another man, both of whom are waist-deep in water.

The baptism of Jesus, and how it relates to you.

Two rocks and a variety of smaller stones are spread across a cracked desert floor.

The temptation of Jesus shows how to respond to our own temptations.

A map of the world is composed of small stones on a patch of grass.

Jesus chooses a particular place – Galilee – to begin his ministry.

A large group of people reach out in hopes of touching a figure who reaches back and holds one of the outstretched hands.

Jesus gathers disciples and followers.

A man sits on a couch with his hand on his forehead spread over his eyes.

Blessed are the poor, the grieving, the meek.

Two young men in business-casual attire shake hands across a table as other young men and women look on approvingly.

Blessed are those who are focused on what God cares about.

One light bulb is lit, surrounded by a group of light bulbs that are dark.

You provide the salt and light of Jesus to the world.

A magnifying glass sits on an old, open book.

Jesus fulfills the Old Testament: the Law and the Prophets.

A gavel in the hand of a judge is about to hit the table, signifying a verdict.

Murder, anger, insulting others – how are they related, and what can we do about them?

A young man stands with his back to his wife and young daughter, arms crossed, while the mother and daughter look at each other.

Adultery, lust, and divorce start in the heart.

A person places their left hand on a Bible the way a person does when they are taking an oath.

Integrity means your words line up with your actions.

A fierce tornado moves across the land.

Jesus takes retaliation in a new direction.

A man reaches out his hand to offer a handshake.

Why does Jesus tell us to love our enemies?

A young woman peaks out from behind a door.

Who needs to know about your almsgiving, prayer, and fasting?

A circle of people is gathered at a table with hands of all hues grasped in prayer.

How to pray: The Lord’s Prayer shows the way.

A figurine of a man stands on top of a pile of gold coins, while a figurine of a woman with her arms crossed sits further down on the pile. They are facing away from each other.

What is a healthy view of wealth?

A field of multi-colored flowers called anemones that are found in Israel today as they were in Bible times.

Worry – how to deal with it.

A close-up view of an eye with a brown iris.

You will be judged in the same way you judge others.

A small loaf of bread.

Pray with confidence that God will respond as your Father.

In a narrow passage between some buildings, one man is walking and another man is sitting on the side of the way.

The Golden Rule is part of the fundamental choice Jesus is calling us to make.

Water flows down stepped terraces of a mountainside near a very old stone house with a thatched roof.

Is your faith built on rock? Is the Sermon on the Mount a central part of your faith?

A person touches a simple, solid-gold ring with the tip of their index finger, as though pondering it.

Divorce: What does it mean for two to become one?

Two adults gather around and support a happy child who is standing against the back of a park bench in an outdoor area.

Welcoming children as God does – you never know the impact you might have.

A well-dressed woman in fancy shades holds numerous bags of merchandise.

The danger of riches: What kind of grip do they have on you?

A plain cross made of thin poles stands tall against a starry sky.

Who can be saved? Your wealth won’t save you, but what will?

With outstretched arms, a person holds in two hands a jar that is nearly filled with coins, as a man places a coin in the jar.

What will those who give up earthly goods for Jesus receive?

Gustave Doré's "The Burial of Christ," one of his 241 wood engravings for La Grande Bible de Tours (Bible) issued in 1866, shows Joseph of Arimathea and the women carrying the body of Jesus to his tomb.

Jesus is buried: Some people take action; others wait and watch.

A large round stone has been rolled aside to reveal the opening to a cave tomb.

The empty tomb means that Jesus is alive – and still alive today!

A map of the world made out of pebbles is laid out on a patch of green grass.

Everyone can participate: Sharing and living the good news.

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