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Welcome to Faith Explored!

What is Faith Explored?

Faith Explored is a virtual community for people interested in exploring how to apply God’s Word to our lives today.


Our mission is to help each person understand God’s Word and put it into action in their lives.


To achieve this goal, we seek to help people:

  • increase their understanding of the Bible;

  • explore how we can apply God’s Word to our lives today;

  • embrace the adventure of living our lives for God, in our unique individual lives and in communion with others; and

  • identify concrete ways we can work for justice and change the world as we are inspired, transformed, and empowered by Jesus.


We welcome people of all faiths in this exploration.  We believe that everyone can benefit from studying how the Bible applies to our lives.  While our approach is decidedly Christian (and Catholics, evangelicals, and Pentecostals can all be comfortable here), we believe that we can learn from others even as they may learn from us.

How Faith Explored got started

Faith Explored grew out of Tom Faletti’s quest to bring to a wider audience what he has developed in more than 40 years of small-group Bible Study.


When we meet in small groups for Bible Study, we seek to provide a place where people can increase their understanding of the Bible, learn how to put their faith into action through the application of God’s Word, and experience Christian community.


While Faith Explored is a virtual network rather than an in-person faith group, we hope Faith Explored will also promote understanding of God's Word, foster spiritual growth, and provide a supportive community for people interested in exploring their faith.

Bible discussion group
Tom Faletti - LinkedIn 2016_edited.png
Tom Faletti - LinkedIn 2016_edited.png

Who is Tom Faletti?

I am a native of California.  In 1976, I investigated the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and therefore was not just a great man, concluded that Jesus is God, and gave my life to Him.  I entered into a personal relationship with God and promised to serve Him the rest of my life.


Having been raised a Catholic, I remained in my church and started working to expand understanding of the Scriptures to anyone who was open.  I also led programs with evangelical Christians and people in the charismatic renewal, and learned how to present the truth of God’s Word in ways that can help people of all backgrounds grow in faith.  That is why, even though I remain deeply involved in my local Catholic parish, Faith Explored should be a comfortable place for people from any denomination.


I graduated from Stanford University and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.  I also earned a Graduate Certificate in Catholic Theology from St. Joseph’s College of Maine.  My work life included 3 years of service as the youth minister in the parish church I grew up in; 24 years of service on Capitol Hill, where I worked to expand access to health and nutrition programs and improve the lives of everyday people; and 13 years as an award-winning high school teacher.


I have been a committed follower of Jesus since 1976; a Bible Study leader for nearly 40 years; and an advocate for truth with a passion for justice all my life.  I live in Washington, DC, with my wife (and best friend) Sonia.  We have been happily married for more than 40 years and have 3 adult children.  My life is guided by a commitment to faith, family, kindness and respect, the truth, and responding to the call issued to every person that “You Can Change Your World!”

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