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Luke 1:1-4

Prologue to Luke's Gospel: Why is he writing and for whom?

Tom Faletti

Luke 1:1-4

What does Luke say that others have done before him?

What does Luke say that he has done?

What do you think an "orderly account" means?

He refers to events that have been "fulfilled among us." Who is "us"?

What do you think it means to say that these events have been "fulfilled" among us?

What does Luke want Theophilus to know?

Who do you think Theophilus is?

"Theophilus" means "friend of God. The style of Luke's writing at this point, with his reference to the "most excellent" Theophilus, is the way one would refer to an official or other prominent member of the community. However, the meaning of the name is convenient for indicating that anyone who is a friend of God would welcome this account. It is therefore possible that "Theophilus" is not a specific person and that Luke sees himself writing for all the Theophiluses of the world -- all the friends of who want to know the truth about what they have been taught.

(to be continued)

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