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You Have a Purpose

Actually, many purposes!

Tom Faletti

You have a purpose! In fact, you have multiple purposes in many different dimensions of your life.

You are part of God’s great plan for the human race, a plan that depends on your active cooperation and creativity.

You are made in God’s image, and God is working to reveal that image in you and through you. God is also working in every person around you. Your mission, your calling if you accept it, is to shine forth the image of God fully, in your unique way, and to help others do the same in their unique ways, so that the world may become what God has always intended it to be.

You are not an accident. God designed the universe so that it had the capability to produce a person with your unique abilities and interests. He did this with a goal: so that you could freely choose to take on the character of God and let it shine forth in your own unique way.

Because of your unique nature and experiences, you have the opportunity to reflect the image of God in your own distinct and special ways. This is one of the many beautiful things about God‘s creation: that each person has the potential to show forth the very image of God in their own unique ways.

You are not alone in this potential. It is inherent in every human being. We all are made with a purpose and a unique role to play in bringing the image of God to life in this world.

In order to reflect God‘s image accurately, we need to know what God is like. Fortunately, God did not leave us groping in the dark for an understanding of His nature and character. He sent his son Jesus to show us who He is. Jesus became one of us to show us how to live — how to be like Him in our own unique ways.

Jesus talked about the kingdom of God — the place where what God desires for humans actually happens. He said the kingdom of God is “near” or “at hand” (Mark 1:15; Luke 10:9). He wants us to embrace God‘s ways and infuse them into every aspect of our natural lives.

When we take on the character of God and allow it to transform our lives, we change the world around us so that it is a little bit more like what God intended, so that a little more of the kingdom of God is present.

This means that for each and every one of us there is an ever-present invitation from God, telling us all the time: You Can Change Your World!

I’m not saying you’re going to change the entire world in one grand act. But every day, multiple times every day, we have opportunities to change our little part of the world.

At every moment, we can make our part of the world reflect more fully God’s vision for the world, or we can let it reflect something else. We can choose to show forth the image of God — what He intends us to be, what He has designed us to be — or we can miss the opportunity. The choice is ours. The invitation is always fresh.

This is the unseen truth about our lives: that the God who created the universe is standing with each of us at all times, always ready to enable us to bring a little bit more of Himself into every situation. And every time we say yes to God and do the things that reflect who God is, we transform another part of the world and become a bit more like Him.

God does not force us to accept this invitation. The choice is always ours: Right now, at this very moment, will I be like Jesus, and change a little bit of this world to be more like what God intended it to be, or will I go my own way? That is always a choice.

But God’s desire is even greater than that. He is not interested only in transforming us as individuals and transforming our little parts of the world. He wants to change the entire way that human society operates. He wants to transform all of human life so that it reflects His nature.

No single person can do that. Fortunately, we are not alone. God calls us to work together to redeem the culture, change social structures where needed, and transform the world. Guided by God’s clear teaching in the Bible, working in and through the community known as the church as well as with other people of good will, we can work to transform the social structures of our society to make them reflect more of the nature and character of God. This, too, is part of our calling, because this, too, is part of God’s desired plan.

What an adventure God is offering us! No day need be dull when we accept the invitation He is offering us.

In this book, we will explore who God is, what He is trying to do in this world, and how we can cooperate in the transformation He is trying to achieve in us and, through us, in the world.

In the course of our explorations, we will have to confront some difficult questions, the foremost of which is: If God is all-loving, why does He allow so much suffering in the world? To answer that question, we will have to put on the mind of Christ in order to understand more fully what God’s purposes are for human beings, individually and as a whole.

A second difficult question we will have to confront is this: Deep down, most people know how they should act towards others. Yet time and time again, people put themselves first and mistreat others. Why do people cause so much suffering in the world? Why do we ourselves get it wrong so often? And what does God want us to do about it?

Fortunately, there are answers to these questions, if we are willing to search the Scriptures carefully and put on the mind of Christ.

As we learn to see as God sees and think as God thinks, we can understand what God is trying to do in the world and in our lives, and find a way to participate fully in God’s work. When we do that, we discover another unseen truth about the world: There is great joy in participating in the work of God.

If you are ready to tackle tough questions and embrace your calling to participate in God’s work to change the world, read on!

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