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You Can Choose

You have free will.

Tom Faletti

You have free will.


Every day, all the time, you have the awesome privilege of making choices. For the most part, you can choose what you will do, who you will spend time with, and what you will think about.

God has free will. He can do what He chooses to do.

One of the ways in which you are made in the image of God is that you have free will. God made you that way. You are like Him in that way.

What you do with that awesome freedom may show how much you are living in the image of God. You may choose to do what God would do, or you may choose other things. As you make those choices, you may present to the world an accurate image of God or a warped image of God.

The choice is yours.

But it isn’t that simple. As St Paul says in Romans 7:19, sometimes I don’t do the good that I want to do….


If God knows what I am going to do, how can I have free will?


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